Optogenetics on a mouse
Laboratory Techniques

Popular tools for Photostimulation

Introduction: In neuroscience, understanding the brain’s intricate workings relies not only on anatomical insights but also on the ability to manipulate neuronal activity precisely.  Optogenetics

Laboratory Techniques

How to set up and use an Infusion Pump? 

Introduction Introducing the infusion pump, a sophisticated device designed to precisely control the infusion rate of fluids.[1] In laboratory settings, infusion pumps play a critical

Laboratory Techniques

How to set up and use a Syringe Pump?

Introduction: In the realm of laboratory and animal research, precision and control are paramount. One indispensable tool for achieving these goals is the syringe pump.

Laboratory Techniques

Fiber Photometry: Definition & Equipment Needed

Reference to this article: ConductScience, Fiber Photometry: Definition & Equipment Needed (2022). Fiber photometry uses spectroscopy to monitor the cellular dynamics in the cell

ELISA lab technique
Laboratory Techniques

Principle, Technique & Types of ELISA Assay

What is ELISA? ELISA is short for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.[1] It’s an analytical biochemical assay used to study antibodies, glycoproteins, peptides, proteins, and hormones. A