Behavior Simply

Our Automated Solutions come in three different sizes to suit your animal model and experiment

Automate your behavioral studies seamlessly and efficiently with our automated behavior tracking apparatus, hardware, and software included in one package. These units provide an isolated, consistent environment to conduct studies and are equipped with visual and physical stimuli to be delivered to appropriate cages, tanks, or inserts. Larger units are able to deliver solids and liquids for reward or as stimuli or electric shock. The apparatus can be controlled from any network-connected device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even mobile. Results from video tracking software are processed in real-time; data is available immediately for analysis.

Automated Systems, little experimental intervention needed

Automated Units can effectively measure the behavior of different species. It generates a live video view and provides real-time video recording, allowing animal behavior to be easily analyzed.

The units include different equipment specific to each species. It has an integrated camera, experimental chamber, computer, and built-in stimuli.

Each unit is supplied with a router that networks the unit and allows it to be controlled via the web browser of any device. 

Small Behavioral Analysis System

Small innovative system for live video-tracking and providing stimuli for small organisms. Organisms that can be used with this system include embryo and larval zebrafish, adult and larval Drosophila, Xenopus tadpole, Artemia, neonate to adults Daphnia, and C. elegans. 

Rodent Behavioral Analysis System

Automated system that is ideal for measuring the behavior of small fish and small rodents. It includes two versions, one for aquatic and one for terrestrial animals. Model organisms used with this system include zebrafish, mice, and bees.

XL Animal Behavioral Analysis System

Extra Large unit used to measure the behavior of rodents and larger fish such as guppies. However, other animals such as small birds and Xenopus tadpoles can also be used. It functions similarly to the Zantik AD but is double in size.

For studies on larval Zebrafish, adult Drosophila, and small Crustaceans

Small Behavioral Analysis System

These units are small highly capable systems for tracking and providing stimuli for small organisms in multi-well plates, Petri dishes, or custom chambers.

All our units are built along the same principles, enabling throughput and easy-to-run experiments.

Our Systems can achieve a range of studies, on larval zebrafish, Drosophila and Daphnia, and other similarly sized organisms.

For behaviour studies on adult zebrafish, mice, Xenopus and more.

Rodent Behavioral Analysis System

Rodent Video Tracking Automated Systems are ideal for measuring the behavior of small fish and small rodents. 

For behaviour studies on rats, mice, fish and more.

Zantiks LT

The Extra Large Video Tracking Automated System is similar in functionality to the Rodent system, but double the size and suitable to measure the behavior of rodents and larger fish, such as guppies.

Zantiks LT Model is designed for use with rodents such as Mice and Rats, Birds, Adult Zebrafish, and Xenopus. For use with the largest of model organisms.

Zantiks AD Model is suitable for tracking the behavior of smaller rodents such as mice, small fish such as Adult Zebrafish, and Large Insects such as Bees.

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