Niumag Suzhou

Find the low-field NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) apparatus for your lab needs.

Niumag Suzhou is perfect for researchers studying neurology, metabolism, or study any tissue structures.

Low-field NMR is a powerful analytical tool within the fields of chemical, physical, and biological studies with a wide range of applications.

ConductScience offers several NMR apparatuses for multiple needs and purposes for a convenient, sensitive, benchtop solution for life science labs. We offer two types of low-field NMR apparatuses, for either educational purposes or in-vitro research purposes.

High contrast images are provided by a powerful magnet system with an initiative user interface. We have two models for small animal analysis.

Advantages of the Small Animal MRI System

Permanent Tesla magnet with high magnetic field uniformity and minimal eddy current effect

High resolution (< 0.08 mm) with remarkable quality in anatomy imaging.

Multiple sequences to realize full MRI capabilities.

Non-destructive, no risk, and negligible running costs (no cryogenic gases necessary).

Online technical support and part replacement.

Powerful and user-friendly MRI software is easy to use.

Multiple Applications

Our Small Animal NMR system can be used in different areas and research purposes. Some applications are:

Oncogenic research

  • - Screening for tumor lesion location;
  • - Tumor size measurement;
  • - Evaluation of drug treatment of cancer;

Contrast Agents (CAs) Characterization

  • - Relaxation analysis of T1, T2, and T1-T2
  • - Evaluation of CAs imaging behavior 
  • - Monitoring metabolism of CAs in-vivo

Pharmacological Research

  • - Evaluation of performance and metabolism of the nano-drug carrier in vivo
  • - Determination of targeting property of specific agents

Disease Mode Study

  • - Diabetes and Obesity
  • - Cardiovascular Disease

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